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Municipal EV Readiness Toolkit: 12 Week Program - Shared screen with speaker view
Alyssa Murphy
Here is the link to the Facebook Group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1516595385207362
David Hager
give us specifics on the cost of the Tesla vs the cost of a gasoline powered vehicle; also what is the difference in maintenance? Give us a number of the savings in fuel over a month or six month period
Good to have data on financials to share with hometown folks--thanks! We need the total cost analysis as Chief Koskinas referenced.
Geoffrey Morris
did you purchase, lease, or get grants for the EV chargers?
Eunice Mahler
thank you, chief
Stephanie Bahramian
The Westport case study is really useful to those of us in other towns in CT. Thank you and am looking forward to seeing the report. Will you be sending it to everyone on this call Daphne?
Kelsey McCormack
We will send the case study to everyone on today's module in the follow-up email!
Stephanie Bahramian
Thank you Kelsey
sharon huttner
looking forward to seeing the report as well Thanks Sharon
sharon huttner
What are the EV charging programs Eversource has committed to in Massachusetts
Brian Morris
Hi Sharon. We have lots of good information about our Massachusetts EV "Make Ready" program on our website - https://www.eversource.com/content/ema-c/residential/save-money-energy/explore-alternatives/electric-vehicles/charging-stations
sharon huttner
Thanks Brian. Sharon
Gene DeJoannis
It’s interesting that the Westport case has data on ICE, PHEV and BEVs to compare O&M costs. In the northeast fuel savings are not as great as in other areas where electricity is cheaper or gas is more expensive. PHEVs cost a little more than simple hybrids but some can go ~30 miles as an EV to get the BEV benefits. I am interested in seeing PHEVs as part of the O&M cost comparison.
Adelheid Koepfer
I’d like to second Kathleen: looking forward to next year’s webinars/ support for Municipal EV Readiness, and appeal to the funding partners to make this happen again :) Thank you !
Curt Leng
thank you so much for these wonderful efforts
Diane Lauricella
Great job
Paula Cofrancesco
Happy holidays and 2021!