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Municipal EV Readiness Toolkit: 12 Week Program - Shared screen with speaker view
Daphne Dixon
If you registered today, you will be sent the course materials after the module.
Sharon Huttner
Could you repeat the name of this tool again. thanks
Sharon Huttner
Gene DeJoannis
Do your public EVSEs have payment systems and do they charge the public
Joseph Samolis
The City of Middletown does not charge currently in the municipal lots, however private developments have the ability to do so.
Stephen Wagner
Is there a way for zoning to require EV Ready in single or 2- family homes, since they do not typically require site plans.
Stephen Wagner
Are there ways to make EVSE "free to the building owner.
Emmeline Harrigan
We've heard from our Building Official that updates to the State Building Code may add EV Charger requirements in the future. Have others heard this also?
Andrea McCarthy (she/her)
In response to the question about requirements for single or 2 family homes. The current building code requires new residential garages to have an outlet which would be a level 1 charger.
Emmeline Harrigan
Sorry no microphone for me
Emmeline Harrigan
We're hearing great feedback from our multi-family developments that their tenants are asking for and using EV infrastructure
Gene DeJoannis
It seems to me there is a hierarchy of EVSE location needs, since 90%+ of charging is done at home at night. SO charging for rental units shop have a very high priority; destination charging at shopping areas, not so much.